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Professional Dominatrix in Paris,

I am a solar woman, passionate about the aesthetics and the paradoxes of BDSM. Composing of shade and light.

Contrasts fit so well together.

Our own personalities create an erotic universe, an inspiration and an aspiration.


I cherish relations with a social dissymmetry in my favour, in complete and private intimacy.

To uncover the ambitions that drive you, the politically incorrect is welcome, your vulnerability is hosted, the unconfessed listened to, your debauchery exploited, your sins abused, and your fantasies, both the radiant and the troubled ones, are carefully studied: I take them over.

I become creator and accomplice of vice.

The unexpected belongs to the encounter as well.

In this intimate space and time, my vicious and virtuous urges guide your desire of correction, eyes to eyes. Or not. It may be in a simple servitude, in the suffering of pain gifted with passion and perseverance, in the humiliation, in the pleasures, in the restrictions…

I want you sincere and committed to your submission. You deliberately trust your body to me, your dignity. I want to see that bit of humanity in the corner of a spare tire, to hear the depth of your soul in the breath where nothing but the immediate sensation exists, where the intensity of the events follow the rhythm of my desires and your reactions.

I want you alive under my restraint. 

You will let yourself go, naked and without coyness, happily and virtuously. 


A golden rule : respect, consent, limits. Nothing is done without trust.

Dominatrice Dominatrice financière Dominatrice professionnelle Dominatrice Paris International


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