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L’art du pouvoir de mettre à nu. Dominatrice à Paris, vicieuse pour un abandon nu et sans pudeur, heureux et vertueux. Accompagnatrice perverse pour hommes d'affaires chargés et sous pression. Paris, Dubaï, Monaco, Londres, USA, Suisse. Les univers érotiques du BDSM to be your profond self and to be what you need. À vif et à nu. Femdom et Findom


Financial relief through capitalistic morals


Money, the biggest of fetishes, offers you the unique honour and pleasure of expressing to me your potential as a slave.

It is a luxury and a privilege for you to give in.

From a simple fetish to financial domination, your loss of control takes place under my control.

It is the encounter between the human and the financial capital.

I clarify that your money does not imply to any extent that I belong to you, it does not imply to any extent that I need a worm like you, it does not imply to any extent that I need your money, which you filthily obtained rotting in your bureau. 

You are a man with responsibilities, you make decisions, and you are under pressure…

There is a moment in life where you need to know that someone can get the upper hand over you. 

I take over the control and the decisions of your personal expenditure, as well as your personal planning in your place.

You are vulnerable at my mercy, you lose control.

Welcome to the subspace...

You are a man who just desires to be abused, to be used.

It is humiliating when your money is taken away from you… I make a financial slave pay for what is pointless and useless to me.

The golden rule applies also to Findom : respect, consent, limits. Nothing is done without trust. 

Start by notifying me your status as a financial slave through an electronic gift card Séphora, sent by email to liliplsparis(at)

You can remain unwritten, silent and invisible like an insignificant one-night slave. You can manifest your desire for financial servitude like a slave of insignificant potential. You can declare your destiny like an insignificant slave.

We will discuss your limits, your financial status and my process of taking over.

Then, my desire, my humour and my whims of that day will unfold.

Dominatrice financièreDominatrice Dominatrice financière Dominatrice professionnelle


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